Poems from the Earth

an ongoing anthology

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Deer Drink the Moon          Deer Drink the Moon — Oregon Anthology

 Max Ernst’s “Birth”          Max Ernst’s “Birth”

Diane Averill          Diane Averill

Paulann Petersen          Paulann Petersen

 George Kalamaras          George Kalamaras

Mangoes          George’s Mangoes

Michael Patterson          Bassist Michael Patterson

Dan Raphael          Dan Raphael

Allan Cooper       Allan Cooper

Jean Varda Collage          Jean Varda Collage

 Thomas R. Smith          Thomas R. Smith

Thomas R. Smith poem          “Keeping the Star”

Theodore Roethke           Theodore Roethke

Bill Siverly          Bill Siverly

Mark Rothko Painting          Mark Rothko Painting

 Verlena Orr          Verlena Orr

Derek Sheffield          Derek Sheffield

 Bill Tremblay          Bill Tremblay

Gaudi’s Apartments          Gaudi’s Apartments

John Bradley          John Bradley

 Natasha Mayers Painting          Natasha Mayers Painting

 Christopher Howell          Christopher Howell

 Gene Hoffman’s thoreau          Gene Hoffman’s “Thoreau”

 Lisa Zimmerman          Lisa Zimmerman

Liz Woody           Liz Woody

Phil Woods          Poet Phil Woods

Trevor Dodge          Trevor Dodge

Kerouac’s scroll          Jack Kerouac’s Live Scroll

Bees          Bees

Robert Bly          Robert Bly (circa ’60s)

Robert Bly Teeth Mother          Robert Bly’s Teeth Mother

Howard McCord          Howard McCord

Judith Barrington           Judith Barrington

Ray Gonzalez          Ray Gonzalez

 Max Ernst          Max Ernst Collage

Betty LaDuke          Painter Betty LaDuke

Painting by Betty Laduke          Painting by Betty LaDuke

James Tipton          James Tipton

Bill Yake          Bill Yake

Szymborska          Wislawa Szymborska

Mary Crow          Mary Crow

 Mark Rothko’s Room          Mark Rothko’s Room

 Bassist Glen Moore          Bassist Glen Moore

Stafford and Inada          Wm. Stafford, Lawson Inada

Gene Hoffman          Sculptor Gene Hoffman

Gene Hoffman’s Icarus           Gene Hoffman’s “Icarus”

Max Ernst graphic      Max Ernst         Max Ernst Graphics

animal          Animal

Long Journey          Long Journey — PNW Anthology

 Melting Ice          Melting Ice

Max Ernst’s “Photons”          Max Ernst’s “Photons”

Poem Rising Out of the Earth          Poem Rising Out of the Earth

James Grabill          James Grabill


Written by James Grabill

December 12, 2007 at 2:57 am

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